International Exhibition of Korean Society of Basic Design & Art in IED Barcelona
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International Exhibition of Korean Society of Basic Design & Art in IED Barcelona


Next 5th February IED Barcelona opens the international exhibition “Imagination for Art & Design” held by Korean society KSBDA (Korean Society of Basic Design & Art) bringing together numerous artists, creators and designers from around the world to promote a new perspective and a practical principle of design and art created during the XXI century. In the exhibition will be able to know the work of designers from various universities in Korea and the work of teachers, students and alumni from IED community:

– Junior González: student of the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design.
– Oscar Germade: coordinator and professor of IED Visual Communication and Director of Solo Studio.
– Kristhal Samanian: alumni of IED Visual Communication, currently working as an intern at the design studio Lo Siento.

The show will host more than 450 pieces from several countries in Asia, Europe and America that turn around the Fine arts (painting, sculpture, crafts, photography) and design (industrial design, interior design, graphic design, animation & illustration)

KSBDA was established in July 15th, 1999 in order to define and deliver a more creative approach to design and art in our society and create a life of culture and art to contribute to human societies. For this promotes various activities such as academic conferences, lectures, invitations, publishes specialized books, journals, exhibition catalogues, and consistently proceeds with domestic and foreign business-academic joint projects.

Opening: Friday, February 5th 2016. 
Location: Aula Magna (IED Barcelona) 
Time: 3:00 p.m

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The exhibition will be open from February 5th to 10th 2016.

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