IED Barcelona will participate in Selected Europe’16

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Project: Seat Mergo

IED Barcelona will participate in Selected Europe’16


IED Barcelona
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IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona will participate in Selected Europe’16 IED Barcelona will participate in Selected Europe’16 IED Barcelona will participate in Selected Europe’16

IED Barcelona School of Design will attend the 7th edition of Selected Europe, a festival of creative inspiration towards design, visual communication, art and creativity lovers. The event will take place on 18th and 19th November 2016 in Bilbao.

Leading figures and emerging talents from all around Europe will meet over two days to exchange ideas, share innovative solutions with other professionals, take part in debates and explore the relationship between companies and design. On Saturday 19th November, Julia Weems, Fashion Director of IED Barcelona, will give the lecture “Fashion Learning Futures” and on the other hand, Jürgen Salenbacher, professor in the area of Management for Creative Industries, will speak about “Creative personal branding”.

In the 2015 edition, 10 projects of students and teachers from IED Barcelona were present in the book “Selected Europe Visual Inspiration from Bilbao (City of Design UNESCO),” a piece that includes artists and reference designers for visual inspiration in Europe. The book is designed and directed by Hernán Ordóñez, teacher and coordinator of the Master in Graphic Design Branding Information and Media at IED Barcelona.

In addition, professionals and new European talents in the field of design who want to publicize their projects in this edition are invited to submit their works and projects before June 10th 2016 at 15h. The selected pieces will be published and distributed in exhibitions around capital cities from all Europe.

More information about this call:

Place: Azkuna Zentroa, Plaza Arriquibar, Bilbao
Date: Viernes 18 y sábado 19 de noviembre de 2016

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