IED Barcelona, official partner of MID Forum 2016
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IED Barcelona, official partner of MID Forum 2016


IED Barcelona is the official partner of the MID Forum 2016 that will take place during November in Disseny Hub Barcelona. The program is organized by Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) and is an opportunity for new start-ups to present their proposals in order to promote creative talent and generate business opportunities. On November 22nd it will reveal which projects will participate in the MID Design Ideas Market.

In this edition it will be presented “Yulia”, an APP designed by the students Junior González, Danae Fischer and Alberto Martínez that was revealed to the industry at the MarketLab of Sonar+D 2016. The application allows the real-time synchronization of a group of mobile devices with the aim of transforming them into a single sound system.

El projecte disposa del suport tècnic de Digio i la col·laboració d’I+ED Lab que també impartirà un workshop sobre els canvis en els organigrames de les empreses actuals mitjançant les tècniques del design thinking.

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