HACKATHON CALL: Innovations for Life

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Project: Síntesi

HACKATHON CALL: Innovations for Life


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HACKATHON CALL: Innovations for Life HACKATHON CALL: Innovations for Life HACKATHON CALL: Innovations for Life

Understanding the biological basis of human cognition and behaviour is one of the major existential challenges in our society. Neuroscientific research is still striving to decipher how one of our body’s most enigmatic organs works: the human brain.

Working in collaboration with Sanofi, Fusion Point is organising the “Healthcare solutions: innovations for life” Hackathon, an initiative that intends to come up with ideas for detecting and handling the symptoms of anxiety, hyperactivity and other disorders linked to psychiatric conditions. For three days the event will bring together multidisciplinary teams of students in engineering, business and design to research ways of preventing and treating mental illnesses.

The event is driven by The Fusion Point, IED Barcelona’s special section dedicated to innovation along with ESADE Business School, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and Accenture, and will be taking place from Friday 30th November until Sunday 2nd December.


Join us to take part in this great experience!

Click here to read the Hackathon terms and conditions.

Open for 3rd & 4th year students in Design, Fashion, Management and Visual Communications, Masters and Postgraduates students, and IED alumni.