IED Barcelona Design University is again taking part in the Llum BCN 2017 light festival, which will be held from 10 to 12 February. IED students are presenting the ADN_BCN Project in the Porxo del Saló del Tinell. This installation represents the DNA of the city and offers visitors an interactive experience.

The project was specially designed for this space by students of the Advanced Diplomas in Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design and former students of the Postgraduate in Architectural Lighting Design, based on a workshop coordinated by Raffaella Perrone, operations director of the Design department, and Michela Mezzavilla, manager of the Postgraduate in Architectural Lighting Design.

The history of the space, Barcelona’s past, its architecture, location and aesthetic function are the elements that inspired the ADN_BCN Project. The installation will be in the Porxo del Saló del Tinell, next to Barcelona Cathedral, a space in which the different layers of history are overlapped.

The installation consists of ninety light tubes that outline a structure symbolising the DNA of 4th century B.C. Barcino and modern Barcelona. The design interacts with the public by means of sensors that capture the movement of the visitors and make the installation change colour, intensity and rhythm. These variations reflect the constant flows and changes that Barcelona is experiencing today.

The result is a participatory project that throbs, pulses and changes, creating an experience that is not only sensory but also cognitive.

Collaborating in the project is FLUVIA, a lighting brand committed to young talent in the lighting sector. The ADN_BCN Project installation was made possible by a close collaboration between IED and FLUVIA, right from its very beginnings. The IED students were able to work directly with the company’s engineering department, turning their questions and the determining factors of the project into a relationship that has enriched both sides. The implementation of the Scena lighting control system was a key factor in making the installation dynamic as it permits changes in the colour, rhythm and intensity of the light.

FLUVIA’s participation in the Llum BCN 2017 light festival demonstrates its support for and commitment to future generations of lighting designers.



Name: ADN_BCN Project

Space: Porxo del Saló de Tinell.

Project design team: Danae Fischer, Elizaveta Mamedova, Kenza Berrada, Lea Blanchard, Paula Chacartegui, Ana María Valdivieso, Rubén de Rodrigo, Alessandro Giacobbe, Milena Roses and Carla Sologuren.

Tutors: Raffaella Perrone and Michela Mezzavilla.

Electronics and programming: Ana Fernández (FLUVIA)

Production consultant: Aviv Shany.

Coordination: David López.

Sponsor: FLUVIA.

Thanks to Servei Estació


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