Designing Bathroom 2050 exhibition at IED Barcelona
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Designing Bathroom 2050 exhibition at IED Barcelona


IED Barcelona will celebrate the opening of the exhibition Designing Bathroom 2050 on June 11th in the framework of the Barcelona Design Week. It is the result of a partnership between IED Barcelona Higher School of Design and the company Roca, signed by their innovation departments:I+ED Lab y Roca Design Center. The project is based on the challenge posed by the bathroom company for students to write up their final thesis for the Undergraduate Degrees in Product Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design and Diplomas in Business Design and Creative Advertising and Branding.

The exhibition is the result of a research initiative that has studied the products and services of the year 2050 in the field of bathrooms, water and their surroundings. Altogether, there are six proposals that explore bathroom usability and design in public places, such as airports, parks and streets, and in private places. Every project is targeted towards specific users and needs, including privacy in shared places, water waste, shortcomings that passengers find at airports, requirements for the elderly and the squat position. This reflection proposes new ways of understanding the industry by studying the users and possibilities that the near future will bring.

With the support of: Cerveses Moritz, Cetemmsa y Mactac.


Day: June 11th
Time: 20.30h
Location: IED Barcelona (Biada, 11)
Access: free – confirm attendance at


Days: from June 12th to 18th
Location: IED Barcelona (Biada, 11)
Access: free

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