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IED Barcelona will host the exhibition “Design Recycling Award 2013” which will last until 8th of February in the school. The exhibition collects the winning projects in different categories (product, strategies, materials, etc.) considering and incorporating into their design criteria waste reduction, use of recycled materials or improvement of recycling.

As part of the exhibition on 29th of January, there will be an event promoted by the Waste Agency of Catalunya, organized by SIMPPLE, a consultant who helps to enhance products in an environmental and technological way. The concept of Ecodesign  will be developed making a practical exercise dealing with environmental improvement of a product.

There will be also the presentation of the prize “Catalunya Ecodisseny Award 2015” which promotes eco design products and strategies. Students and recent graduates could partecipate in the exclusive category  “Young Design”.

Address: IED Barcelona (Biada, 11)
Hours: from Monday to Friday,  7.30pm to 8.30pm
Sign up before at 932385889

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