DAILY DIGITAL LIFE – Nomads & EcoData Talk

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Project: Síntesi

DAILY DIGITAL LIFE – Nomads & EcoData Talk


IED Barcelona
Biada 11 Barcelona, 08012
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
DAILY DIGITAL LIFE – Nomads & EcoData Talk DAILY DIGITAL LIFE – Nomads & EcoData Talk DAILY DIGITAL LIFE – Nomads & EcoData Talk

The fourth industrial revolution is here! New technology, big data and artificial intelligence are steadily taking over our daily lives. How to deal with this situation whilst helping our surroundings?

IED Barcelona Masters is organising a social event for digital nomads on 7 March, inviting them to discuss how to make their lives easier and raise awareness as to the impact our digital lifestyle has on the planet. The event will include two sessions:

Blau Design: how to bring an innovative idea to life, by Guido Charosky

The school’s Aula Magna is the chosen venue to host the very first public presentation of Blau, a brand orientated to make easier the lives of digital nomads. Accessories conceived to resolve mobility and organization needs for nowadays workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs created by the Blau.design start-up.

The brand was launched on Kickstarter in early February. Now, Guido Charosky, the coordinator of the Masters in Innovation Strategies & Entrepreneurship who is behind this start-up, is ready to explain how they created and launched their first accessory collection along with the rest of the team, which includes teacher Pierpaolo Congiu, former student Alejandro Zapata from the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design and Jimena Martínez.

EcoData, the power and the impact of our daily digital life, by Jorge Márquez

The consultancy firm Everis will be delivering a presentation about “EcoData, the power and the impact of our daily digital life” where they will stress the importance of design and user experience in ensuring a sustainable digital lifestyle. Designing sensibly, asking the right questions and changing user behaviours are some of the keys that Jorge Márquez, Head of Experience Design at Everis, will be revealing during his talk.


Daily Digital Life – Nomads & Ecodata

Date: 7 March.

Time: 6.30 pm

Language: Spanish.

Venue: Aula Magna – IED Barcelona (Calle Biada 11).

Entrance is free for anyone who signs up here.