This July, come to know IED

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

This July, come to know IED


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IED Barcelona
Biada 11 Barcelona, 08012
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
This July, come to know IED This July, come to know IED This July, come to know IED
IED Barcelona is opening its doors this July, giving you the chance to discover our courses, spaces, projects, and our view on the design formation’s future. 

Next Thursday, July 16th, IED Barcelona is awaiting you for our first Open Day event after two months of confinement; a perfect opportunity to get to know how a designer is born through our Undergraduate Degree programs in Design, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), IED Diplomas, and Summer courses

In order to attend, you’ll just need to sign up into one of the following schools, according to your preferences here: IED BARCELONA OPEN DAY JULY 2020 


Fashion School

Diseño de Moda – Comunicación y Estilismo – Fashion Design – Foundation in Fashion – Summer Junior Course in Fashion Design

Thursday, July 16th, 16:30h


Management & Design Strategies School

Fashion Marketing and Communication – Marketing y Comunicación de Moda – Business Design

Thursday, July 16th, 16:30h


Visual Communication School

Diseño Gráfico – Advertising – Motion Graphics & Video 

Thursday, July 16th at 19:00h


Design School

Diseño de Interiores – Diseño de Producto – Diseño de Transporte – Foundation Global Design – Curso de verano junior Global Design

Thursday, July 16th at 19:00h


During your visit, you’ll get the chance to know how the work of a designer is, where do they find their inspiration, and how the facilities, workshops, and classrooms at IED Barcelona are. Our Advisors will be at your disposal for further information if you need them to solve any further doubts you might come across. 

In order to ensure the highest safety to all the attendees, we have implemented all the necessary measures to make our spaces a safe area, we’d like to appeal everyone’s responsibility to make this experience as safely as possible. At the following link, you’ll find the rules to be followed during your visit to your facilities. 

Our Open Day will have limited capacity, meaning that attendees will only be allowed to have a maximum of one single companion. 

If you’re graduand this academic year, and you’re passionate about design, this Open Day is for you! 

If by any chance you couldn’t attend on July 16th, you also have the chance to visit us on a different date by booking an appointment, emailing, or calling to 93 238 58 89, and remember to follow all the safety measures. You can find them here


Master, Postgraduates, and CSP

If you want to know our educative offer on Master, Postgraduate Programs, and Continuing Study Programs (CSP), don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our advisors to get to know our courses and facilities. 

Book your date by emailing or calling and don’t forget to follow all of the safety measures. You can find them here

We’re looking forward to seeing you! 

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