CANADA decodes Rosalía

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

CANADA decodes Rosalía


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CANADA decodes Rosalía CANADA decodes Rosalía CANADA decodes Rosalía

Spanish singer Rosalía published her first single “Malamente” on 29 May 2018 as part of her solo project “El Mal Querer”. New sounds called for a new image, so she turned to the producer CANADA to record special music videos for her songs “Malamente” and “Pienso en Tu Mirá”. The result were two fantastic visual projects that revolutionised the sector and set a whole new trend.

The world portrayed by this promising young artist in her videos was a flashback to her roots, bull fighting, industrial sites, motorways and urban culture. Together, both clips add up over 90 million viewings on YouTube, which means a major landmark for the production company and, of course, for the singer, earning her two awards during the last edition of the Latin Grammys: Best Alternative Song and Best Urban Fusion/Performance. Realising Rosalía’s great talent and international potential, CANADA did not hesitate to get behind her.

Coming up on 4 April at 7 pm, CANADA’s Production Director Alba Barneda will be explaining the creative process involved in this rising star’s video clips and the challenge that these two audio visual projects entailed for the producers.

Which scenes were the most difficult to film? Where were the music videos shot? Where did the costume design come from? 

These are some of the questions that Alba Barneda will be answering during the next IED Talk. Let us know you are coming before 29 March by clicking here.


CANADA decodes Rosalía

Date: 4 April.

Time: 7 pm.

Venue: IED Barcelona – Biada 11.

Language: Spanish.

With the collaboration of Estrella Damm: