Bogotá Fashion Week 2019

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Project: Seat Mergo

Bogotá Fashion Week 2019


IED Barcelona
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IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
Bogotá Fashion Week 2019 Bogotá Fashion Week 2019 Bogotá Fashion Week 2019

The upcoming edition of Bogotá Fashion Week takes us on a journey to an imaginary world conceived by creative, committed, aware, authentic, contemporary, spiritual and pragmatic minds. 

This is now the second year that a team of teachers from IED Barcelona will be helping to curate all 48 collections to be presented from 2 to 4 April in Bogotá. Colombia’s major fashion event, organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, has three international curators: Anna Sabater in charge of clothing, Juan Antonio López taking care of accessories and leather goods, and Isabel Uribe managing jewellery. 

These three IED teachers have joined forces with three national curators to define the concept of this edition: Weaving the Future.

The designers’ emotions show through in a series of conceptual proposals which convey their personality in an individual yet at the same time connected way linked to a collective imagination powered by future-thinking trends,” explains Ana Sabater regarding this second edition of BFW.

“Hope-inspiring sensitivity”, “Genuine authenticity” and “Ground-breaking models” are the three main topics shown in the collections that will be on display at Ágora Bogotá. IED will also contribute to the event by granting a Creativity & Business Scholarship for a summer course in July 2019 to whoever designs the best collection according to the curators, based on their assessment of each one’s creative processes, talent, brand identity and business potential.

There will also be 15 fashion shows, two performances and a series of academic sessions entitled “BFW Conversations” involving 20 guest speakers from Colombia and around the world. Taking part as international guests will be Edgardo Osorio, the designer of the Aquazurra brand, Silvia Tcherassi, with her own namesake brand, and Nina García, the editor‑in‑chief of Elle magazine and BFW Ambassador.