8208 Lighting Design Festival

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta


8208 Lighting Design Festival


IED Barcelona
Biada 11 Barcelona, 08012
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
8208 Lighting Design Festival 8208 Lighting Design Festival 8208 Lighting Design Festival

From October 9th to 15th, students from IED Barcelona will participate in a workshop/artistic residency by Alessandro Lupi to create a light art installation for the 8208 Lighting Design Festival in Como (Italy) that will take place in November along with Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli – IED Como’s students.

Léa Blanchard, Paula Chacártegui and Elizveta Mamedova,  Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design and Product Design students, have been selected from IED Barcelona for designing and producing a lighting installation about the concept “boundaries” for Ostello Bello Lake Como’s backyard.

For more information about the festival, visit www.8208.it.

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