Creative industries and Virtual Reality

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


In this context of digitalization and technological revolution, Virtual reality is gaining more prominence in the design industry. This new tool offers numerous possibilities to transform and improve society. Also,...
21 July 2020 17:00
The complicated new scenario post Covid-19 is also going to affect the future of high-end travel. Experiences will be adapted to the new circumstances and new strategies will be made...
17 June 2020
Men’s fashion brands follow their own values and criteria in order to create a communication strategy that is aligned as far as possible with their products. But how do these...
12 June 2020 18:30
Designing a magazine cover is a creative process that requires time, inspiration and passion. If you have these three qualities, you are one step away from designing the perfect proposal....
15 June 2020 18:30

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