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Collection: Serial Seeds

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Because design unites us and makes us stronger, we want you to keep learning and discovering new techniques and trends that help you in your development as a creative. Learn...
2 April 2020
Do I need some previous experience before studying Fashion Design at IED? What professional opportunities do I have? Which are the skills required to be a fashion designer? If you...
13 May 2020 18:30
In today’s age of digitalization, being creative is more important than ever. But what does it mean to be creative nowadays?  Rory Lambert, Visual Communication School Development and Coordinator of The...
14 May 2020 18:30
The world of men’s fashion is constantly changing and evolving. “Fast fashion”, characterised by its low cost and rapid production, is starting to take a back seat and now, we...
7 May 2020 6:30
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