Enric Bajuelo
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  • Enric Bajuelo
    Visual Communication School Managing Director – e.bajuelo@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • Laura Choya
    Design School Academic Coordination – design@bcn.ied.es  More Info +
  • Diego Diez
    Coordinación Académica Master – d.diez@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • Raffaella Perrone
    Design School Managing Director – r.perrone@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • Simona Cannonito
    Master Academic Coordinator – s.cannonito@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • Carmen Blanquez
    Design School Academic Coordination – c.blanquez@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • David Tinoco
    Coordinación Académica Master – d.tinoco@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • Rory Lambert
    Visual Communication School Development Director – r.lambert@bcn.ied.es  More Info +
  • Patricia Alcaraz
    Academic Secretary – p.alcaraz@bcn.ied.es More Info +
  • David López
    Design Coordination – d.lopez@bcn.ied.es More Info +

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