Summer Course in Pop Up Spaces for Gastronomy and Retail

Language: Spanish

Duration: 2 weeks

Start Date: 16th of July 2018

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 16:40 h to 21:40h and 27th of July from 9.30 to 14.30h

Credits: 5

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España


Pop-up stores emerged as a way of trading, building customer loyalty and advertising various products. Relatively small in size but strategically located in a particular city, these stores are set up for a limited period of time in an effort to attract public attention, including the media.

Drawing mostly on emotional branding, the aim of these short-lived but intense stores is to create a customer bond, idealise the product and make it easily identifiable by means of a series of project mechanisms which include strategies involving urban, architectural or industrial design.


– To discover, understand and analyse the main challenges that Pop Up store projects entail in different parts of the world.

– To study the project mechanisms developed by different companies and designers, aiming to test possible strategies and solutions in different settings in the city of Barcelona.

– To explore certain project tools with a focus on Pop Up stores (Food and Retail), bearing in mind that a real project experience is the mechanism that best covers the entire creative learning process.

– Becoming familiar with and understanding the different variables involved in an environmentally friendly project process based on sustainable strategies, models and materials.

– Sharing and simulating some of the professional practices applied in contemporary studios and offices, encouraging contact with the real professional world.


The methodology applied in the course rests on three main pillars:

– Active student involvement

The course structure is based on the student’s active engagement in the learning process, encouraging them to seek alternative, creative and better project solutions.

– Case studies

Students are asked to investigate existing cases, analysing the different perspectives that pop-up stores emerged from and seeking to identify the author’s intentions, concepts, mechanisms and project tools.

– Experience with specific examples

Based on a series of variables defined according to the course’s time constraints, students are asked to create a project in a specific part of the city of Barcelona. The idea is to apply their prior intuition, knowledge and experiences and to combine them with the new things they have learned during the course.

Student Profile

The course is intended for students and professionals in the fields of architecture and design, managers of catering and branding firms, and anyone with a passion for interior design wishing to specialise in this area and better prepare themselves to operate in an increasingly competitive and fast-changing sector.

Students will need professional and/or academic knowledge of design. The course welcomes architects and interior designers, design professionals (graphic, industrial or others) with a basic command of AutoCAD (or similar software) and image processing.



UNLP Architect, Argentina. Master’s in “Metropolis: Postgraduate program in architecture and Urban Culture” UPC, Spain. Currently working on a PhD in theory of architecture.

He is currently a Lecturer in Vertical Architecture Workshop num. 4 at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in the National University of La Plata FAU/UNLP, and is the Director of the Interior Design Career at the Faculty of Architecture/UAI in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is also the editor-in-chief for all publications made by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAB/UPC (2005-2011).

Fabián has published a number of articles and books about architecture, interior design and urban culture. He has been a master’s teacher and coordinator of various interior design courses at IED since the school’s inception (2004).

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