Summer Course in Fashion Product Management

Edition: 5th

Language: English

Duration: 2 weeks

Start Date: 2nd July 2018

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 4.40 p.m to 9.40 p.m

Credits: 5*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España


The summer course in Fashion product management is focused on giving a strategic overview of the fashion product functioning, taking into consideration positioning and brand values. It shows how to optimize the collections from the initial idea to the final consumer, and how to distinguish our proposals among competitors providing knowledge on product processing (efficient direction and management), marketing strategies and product communication product, as well as mechanisms of inspiration and trends development with a creative and cultural base. Furthermore, the curricular content is aimed at constructing a balance between the analytical and creative part that a fashion product professional must learn to handle.

Design itself is not the essential part of the success of a fashion collection, it is the process from idea to stores, which is full of strategies, that makes a product, well designed from the beginning, succeed or fail in the market. Factors such as the product structure, the size of the offer, the style of the collections, the innovation degree it incorporates, the choice of price, time management process and final product quality, are part of this complex and internal world that characterizes different fashion brands. Every decision on the factors discussed above, is the result of a 360-degree brand strategy and an efficient business model.

Fashion Product Management

Summer course in Fashion product management


– Learn to develop a collection strategy, pointing to markets while being creative.

– Know and use the necessary tools to implements a product strategy in tune with target and brand positioning; an integral project for a fashion product where the priority will be to define a brand style to set a stand-out position in the market.

– Build a collection, its structure, extent and profundity, through sales, competence and trends analysis to develop an optimal collection considering final value, time and costs.

– Develop the processes of collections, purchases, providers management and product logistics.

– Understand the intervention degree of each actor (design, product, commercialization and communication) to obtain a successful collection.

– Qualify students to face real situations in the field of fashion coherently and with a professional attitude.


The development of the didactic sessions, modules and exercises of this intensive course means to imitate the process and the professional management of a fashion project. In this way, the course is divided into different types of educational sessions:

Theoretical lectures: provide updated professional information as well as the knowledge bases to meet the proposed projects during the course. In addition, the course offers a bibliography and appendices with additional readings.

Experimental classes: case studies. To analyze and deepen into the experiences made by companies in the sector forms a fundamental learning. It is not about imitating strategies of other companies, but analyzing its fundamentals, applications, impact, market, etc., to extract the sufficient information and analysis to enable us to face our challenges with confidence and knowledge.

Projects: The purpose of every professional course of the school is the final development of professional projects, therefore, throughout the course the performance various practice exercises is included, which show that the path of the course is developed maintaining the “work in progress” dynamic. These exercises are an important first contact with real cases that can be found in the professional world.

Workshops: some highly practical subjects are developed imitating workshop sessions, so fundamentals are put into practice, such as well-planned teamwork observing a specific briefing for each session.

Professional talks: the educational curriculum of the course is completed with the presence of professional talks, which put students in contact with professionals from relevant in-sector companies. This is certainly a unique opportunity to learn and network with professionals from different fields of fashion.

Student Profile

This course is addressed to:

– Graduates in fashion design and marketing who want to improve their knowledge of fashion products to go into professional industry.

– Salespeople, and sales and retail managers, interested in going more deeply into the field of fashion products to enhance their skills and stand out from other professionals.

– Creatives from different fields (graphic, interior or product design) attracted by the fashion system and the functioning of collection and interested in broaden and specialise the proposals to be given to their clients.

– Product, production and logistics managers, and sales planners, who want to attain a wider vision of fashion and comprehend the creation of collections adapting them to trends and markets at the same time.

– Visual managers and agencies looking for a broadening of their product strategic visual, its movement in stores and its adaptation to the needs  that users have.


Anna Sabater Casas

Business Sciences (UAB), DAF in Marketing (ESADE), Fashion Design (IDEP), Textile Design (Central Sant Martins School of Art), Relational Marketing (IESE), Project Management (IESE). Her career in fashion began in 1985 as a member of the Nicolas Bosch Mir S.A. textile design team. She has developed textile collections for Michele Solbiati Sasil S.p.a. and Textil Dobert S.A. In 2000 she joined the team at Antonio Miró.S.L. as product director, completing her vision of the product from the idea for the fabric to the garment at the point of sale. In parallel, she started collaborating with and teaching at IED Istituto Europeo di Design. Ms Sabater is the course coordinator of the three-year programme in Fashion Marketing and Communication and teaches on a number of programmes.

In April 2005 she founded her own fashion consultancy “It’s about Product”, specializing in product strategy, collection structuring, style definition and product-led brand development. She works with a number of universities and organisations in Spain and South America, teaching master classes and seminars on creative differentiation in fashion products.


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