Summer Course in Creative Illustration and Animation - Junior

Edition: 3rd

Language: Spanish

Duration: 2 weeks

Start Date: July 2nd 2018

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.30h to 14.30h

Credits: 5*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España


In a global society, the power of images is undeniable. Today, young people have the possibility of accessing this form of non-verbal communication on many platforms and of receiving constant input.

Visual communication and images tend to be presented in sketches, drawings, posters, typography, products, advertising, cartoons, etc. Creativity, which is considered to be one of the most important tools of human beings, brings to this process the particular distinctiveness that a project, design or product needs to be successful.

The aim of the Summer Course in Creative Illustration and Animation is to introduce the students to the methodology of creating images to be applied to different communication and design media and to give them a better understanding of how designers in different areas think and work.

This course is in keeping with IED Barcelona’s multicultural approach, where the aim is to seek knowledge and pursue ideas beyond each specific area.

Comunicación Visual Creativa Junior

Summer Course in Creative Illustration and Animation - Junior


The aim of the summer course in Creative Illustration and Animation is to introduce the students to the methodology of creating images to be applied to different communications and design media.

The course is intended to boost motivation, confidence and self-knowledge, so that the students incorporate their experiences into their own academic path and personal life and gain a better understanding of how designers in different areas think and work.

The syllabus has been conceived to create a space where students can establish bonds and share their own distinctive features. Technical knowledge and tools are provided so that the students can develop their own individual ideas and know how to express them.

The design process is laid out so that they can understand how important observation, investigation, concept association, logic and communication are to each discipline


This is a very practical course in which the students carry out various illustration exercises and then apply them to two completely different areas of Visual Communication.

One exercise is applied to the world of ceramics, designing and producing a proposal for floor tiles, and the other exercise takes hand-drawn images and transforms them for the digital world by producing an animation using specialist software. The methodology therefore focuses on creating images by hand and transferring them to the worlds of products and animation.

Student Profile

Young students between 15 and 17 years old who are keen to get started in the world of visual communication and find out if this is the academic field they want to build a career in.

Young students with artistic or creative skills related to the Visual industries who are looking to learn first-hand about the sector’s professional reality guided by professional lecturers, and to enhance and foster their skills and compare them with their peers.



Illustrator, animator, art teacher and artist. An Argentinian who was the curator of the “Cartoon Space” at the Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires. His work in publishing in cooperation with other colleagues led to the magazine/experimental books “Lápiz Japonés” (Japanese Pencil) and the collection of “minizines” entitled “Colorin Buk”, among others. He is the author de TUMP TUMP (from the Pequeño Editor “Fuelle” collection), a set of story books for children, which formed part of the National Reading Plan for two consecutive years.


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