Postgraduate in Strategy and Digital Product Design with Artificial Intelligence

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Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

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Postgraduate in Strategy and Digital Product Design with Artificial Intelligence

Edition: 1st

Language: Spanish

Duration: 2 months

Format: Blended

Start Date: 20 January 2022

Schedule: Afternoon and evening

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price: 3.500€ (Enrolment fee 1.000€ + tuition fee 2.500€).
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The Postgraduate in Strategy and Digital Product Design with Artificial Intelligence is a blended programme (9 weeks in online format and a final week in person) that explores the conceptual, creative and quantitative facets of artificial intelligence (AI).

Training oneself today in the skills and tools to make AI the engine of business growth strategy implies an opportunity to work in a constantly growing sector and this executive programme responds to a growing demand for experts who are able to convert data into knowledge.

The course enables an understanding of technological, business and user-centred design aspects to offer a comprehensive look at the features that shape an AI-assisted digital product.


The Strategy and Digital Product Design with Artificial Intelligence postgraduate course aims to train students with the proper knowledge and tools to enable them to identify insights, observe growth strategies and solve problems in a more agile and intelligent manner. The goal is to prepare students so that they can apply these skills directly in their task or company as they progress through the course.

It explores various methodologies, strategies and success stories that provide students with the tools to conduct an in-depth analysis and efficient management of the resources provided by the use of artificial intelligence in any business sector.

The four modules that make up the course help students to observe the impact that digitalisation has on the business environment, how to manage information to determine which KPIs can optimise performance and, ultimately, how to apply different methodologies during the various stages of the digital life cycle in order to create innovative solutions and provide differential value.


Students learn how to:

– Understand the ethical implications revolving around the use of data and the evolution of an AI.

– Understand the technology stack.

– Identify the possibilities that AI can bring to digital interfaces.

– Understand the composition of roles and team management in AI solutions.

– Analyse the success factors behind the top AI-enhanced interface on the market.

– Prototype a POC to analyse and test an idea based on an experiment.

– Learn how to use user-centric design technology to leverage the benefits of AI.

– Design digital strategies and products in which AI plays a key role.


The course is taught in online format in asynchronous and synchronous modalities and concludes with a face-to-face boot camp that takes place simultaneously in the three IED venues in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao (students can choose in which venue the boot camp takes place, always subject to the group’s opening in the chosen venue).

The asynchronous contents are available on IED Campus, an online platform designed to disseminate contents and also to provide constant monitoring by teaching staff through individual and group tutorials and live classes.

Synchronous content is delivered online through live classes on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in various dynamic and participatory formats, such as masterclasses, workshops, flipped classrooms, roundtable sessions, workshops, tutorials and group presentations.

Individual tutoring sessions are offered during the week to help develop the Final Project of the course. Students have to complete a personal project whose topic is proposed to course management and whose development and actual implementation are evaluated by a team of professionals and experts during face-to-face sessions.

The one-week, on-site boot camp is an immersive practical workshop in which the knowledge acquired in the course is applied by analysing real cases as presented by guest key partners.

Student Profile

The programme is aimed at professionals from different sectors wanting to learn how to analyse and use artificial intelligence in digital projects and business transformation.

– Entrepreneurs wanting to build a business based on data capture, analysis and implementation of artificial intelligence.

– Professionals from the world of design, fintech, banking, marketing, business administration, advertising, journalism, or any industry related to innovation.

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of the course, graduates are able to successfully apply their skills in AI design, analysis and implementation in a wide variety of sectors, such as:

– AI Consultant (specialised in design and UX)

– Product Owner (products with an AI component)

– AI Strategist

– Human-Machine Interaction Strategist

– UX Designer for AI products

– UX Researcher for AI products


This postgraduate course has been designed by Everis.  


The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master is a private degree.

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