Postgraduate in Digital Native Brands Start-Up

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Postgraduate in Digital Native Brands Start-Up

Edition: 1st

Language: Spanish

Duration: 6 months

Format: Online

Start Date: 6 October 2022

Credits: 30*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price: €5,350 (Enrolment fee €2,000 + tuition fee €3,350).
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The goal of the Postgraduate in Digital Native Brands Start-Up is to train and mentor talent in the area of design in order to create a digital native brand.

The programme of accompanying entrepreneurs exclusively promotes digital native brands, which are characterised by their emergence in the online world, managing user experience, commercialisation through their own e-commerce channel. The brand therefore represents not only the product but also the sales platform.

The training takes into account the mindset and specificities of the design world as applied to digital businesses and helps to create the relational capital needed to start the adventure of creating a digital start-up.


– To accompany an entrepreneur in the start-up process, including the aid of mentors who have created their own companies and experts linked to the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem in Barcelona with binding experiences in DNVBs.

“Barcelona is the world’s fifth city in entrepreneurship”

– To train people who want to make a digital native brand idea a reality, have designed a product or generally want to learn how to set up a start-up with an online brand in a fully applied and authentic manner. 

“Mentoring for real business development”

– To experience with digital native entrepreneurs the critical points of the entrepreneurial process, approaching the start-up and investment sector to explain the business developed.

“Learning by doing from idea to investment, launch and expansion”


DNB is an entirely practical programme in which participants are encouraged to create their start-up at their own pace, adapting it to the reality of the business.

It has a team of teachers and mentors who provide support and advice based on their experience and vision, in addition to ensuring that the entrepreneur applies all the key elements to their business idea for success. The participant iteratively validates prototypes of their value proposition and the mentors help them to interpret the results.

Student Profile

Applicants with university studies and professionals without a degree who can justify similar knowledge based on their professional experience who want to launch their digital brand, having acquired the essential knowledge to succeed in designing concepts, services or products that can satisfy the new consumer.

It is also aimed at professionals working in companies for whom design is a way of life and want to become intrapreneurs (launch a digitally native initiative/business unit).

Job Opportunities

– Create your own start-up and/or spinoff based on an innovative idea for a company.

– Intrapreneurship within organisations.

– Consultancy on the creation of digital native start-ups.

– Develop innovative ideas for corporations looking for entrepreneurial talent (innovation hubs).


The programme has been conceived and developed in partnership with Vinton.

IED Barcelona also has the collaboration of professionals from selected companies so that students can have direct contact with the reality of the labour market through visits, lectures and presentations. This programme has the collaboration of companies and entities such as Colvin, Incapto Coffee, Holaluz, Citring, Saye, Project Lobster, Brava Fabrics, Marvel Youtuber, Impact Hub, Shopify España, Galactinet, Asti Robots and Datalong.

The collaborations with companies vary in each edition depending on availability and goals. The programme develops specific activities within the framework of the Barcelona innovation hub.



Graduate in Business Administration and Management from UAB. Owner Directors Programme
(PDP) at ESADE and Learning to Grow Programme at IESE. PHD Student at UOC.

Francesc Font Cot’s career focuses on digital business entrepreneurship, business consulting and teaching. He is a founding partner and CEO of start-ups such as Incapto Coffee, Matcha & Co, SocialPay, Orain Technologies and Nubelo, among others. As an associate professor at UAB, his teaching career has been associated with the subject of Business Creation and Business Strategy and he also gives classes in digital matters at ESADE.

His knowledge of start-ups is remarkable, with special emphasis on digital native brands, e- commerce and marketplaces. His expertise lies in business strategy in the early stages of companies, including extensive experience in fundraising, project launches and internationalisation.


PhD from Pompeu Fabra University. Master in Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), as well as a Diploma in Library Science and Documentation and a Bachelor’s Degree in Documentation from the University of Granada.

Dr Lara’s career focuses on teaching, innovation, entrepreneurship and business consulting. He is a partner in disruptive e-learning start-ups, geolocated experiences, entertainment and technology, virtual games and big data. Several examples include CityNostra, Pocket Academy and Careus, among others. As an associate professor, his teaching career has been associated with the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences at UOC.

His knowledge in business networks and know-how are outstanding in his positions as president of the Innovation Commission of Barcelona’s 22@Network association, member of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation) and advisor in institutions such as Linkia, IED, Emagister, Universia, ICA Group, T-Systems, Bestiary and the Virtual School of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), among others.


Director of the Master School of IED Barcelona and IED Innovation Strategist at the World Logistics Innovation Centre Barcelona WLIC. CEO at the Institute for Careers and Innovation in Logistics & SC, ICIL. Founder of Solemnium and CEO and founder of Forever Us. Managing Partner of Avanzalis Knowledge Associates, a business strategy consultancy.

Business Unit Director of IBM Services and Software Council member IBM USA. He is also the author of Manual CEN, a complete guide to strategic business consulting. Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and PhD in Business Organisation from UPV.

Executive MBA from Europe Business School. Executive Master in Supply Chain Management from ICIL.


The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program adopts a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master only awards its own private degrees.

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