Postgraduate in Design for Wearables
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Postgraduate in Design for Wearables

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Start Date: January 18th 2021

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Fridays from 6.30pm to 10.40pm

Credits: 30*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price:6.300€ (Enrolment fee 2.000€ + tuition 4.300€).
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The Postgraduate in Design for Wearables focusses on researching, designing and manufacturing fashion tech and smart product solutions that prove of innovative significance thanks to their capacity to adapt, to store and transmit data, and to communicate with interconnected digital infrastructures.

Students are taught theoretical foundations and practical experience by working on a given project assignment that requires them to examine and research the impact of wearable technology and come up with new solutions or redefine existing ones. They will build up a combination of know-how regarding data strategies, computational design, electronic devices, AR and VR, advanced interaction and rapid prototyping.

In a world where technology is changing the way we perceive our habits, our bodies and our social interactions, the impact of wearables is growing. New materials, technology and products are altering the connection between the physical and digital world and shaping a new hybrid environment. The effect of these challenges is spreading to all kinds of sectors such as healthcare, education, entertainment, communication, browsing, exercise and fashion.

The Postgraduate  in Design for Wearables seeks to anticipate these changes and steer future trends onto more sustainable paths to ultimately establish a new digital ecology encompassing habitats, users and services.


The aim of the Postgraduate  in Design for Wearables is to analyse and redefine contemporary devices and predict the trends of tomorrow so as to think up new solutions for more sustainable models.

– To analyse the role of technology and foster critical thinking in the definition of new social paradigms.

– To anticipate market trends and detect emerging needs.

– To explore communication protocols among habitats, users and services.

– To learn about computational design and define new uses for wearables.

– To gain an understanding of immersive technology, AR and VR so as to find new forms of interaction that blur the boundaries between the physical and digital world.

– To learn rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing to develop customized solutions or combine existing products.

– To encourage experimentation and collaboration by working on multi‑ and inter‑disciplinary teams and partnering up to develop workshops and ideas based on set challenges.


This programme has a strong research focus and is divided into two terms to address three topics: Designing, Making and Connecting. Throughout this academic journey, the student will gain a theoretical and practical grasp of computational design, digital manufacturing, advanced interaction and marketing strategies. They will also be taking part in workshops and talks delivered by leading sector professionals.

The entire content is built around a final project that students will be expected to develop after being briefed by a real client, i.e. a company, organization, researchers, or specialists in wearables.

This postgraduate degree emerged as a project accelerator driven jointly by Reshape, a platform to research, design and produce digital ideas, and by Noumena, a company that implements innovative solutions in the fields of robotics, 3D printing and wearables in collaboration with brands such as Adidas, Moncler, Luxottica, Sony, Autodesk and INDUSTRY – From Needs to Solutions (a Fira Barcelona event).

Student Profile

The course targets people who are interested in exploring new technological uses for wearables and fashion tech that will bring added value for users, markets and habitats, especially:

– Graduates or professionals in the fields of product design, fashion design or interactive design.

– Architects, mechatronic engineers and electronic engineers.

– Creative minds with proven experience and/or qualifications in digital manufacturing or design.

Job Opportunities

This postgraduate degree provides students with the experience and knowledge they will need to work as a:

– Wearable tech expert

– Fashion tech designer

– Product designer

– Interaction designer

Each of these roles can be carried out in a variety of sectors including fashion, education, healthcare, entertainment and communication, and in major corporations who invest in innovation, start-ups, health tech, smart clothing, wearable sensors and sportswear.


Aldo Sollazzo – Noumena

An architect and researcher. Master in Architectonic Design in 2007, Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC [Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya] in 2012, Fab Academy diploma in 2014 in the Fab Lab Barcelona, Aldo is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication.

Since 2011, he is the director of Noumena, leading a multidisciplinary team towards the definition of new design strategies informed by tech-driven applications. He is also the Director of Reshape – digital craft community, a distributed platform promoting cutting-edge ideas merging design and manufacturing. Since 2015 he is Director of IaaC Global Summer School and faculty at Design by Data master in Paris.  He is director of the IaaC Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction, focused on the emerging design and market opportunities arising from novel robotic and advanced manufacturing systems.

Aldo has been part of the Fab Academy program as a mentor of Fab Academy Paris and Frosinone from 2015 to 2017.

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