Summer Course in Fashion Photography

Edition: 1st

Language: Spanish

Duration: 4 weeks

Start Date: 2nd ofJuly 2018

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Credits: 10*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España


The Summer Course in Fashion Photography presents a broad, creative vision of all the components needed to be able to produce and obtain a competitive fashion image for the publishing world, fashion house campaigns and commercial, product and street style photography.

There will be exercises that cover the artistic and technical aspects from the point of view of photography, as well as features of other disciplines associated with fashion shootings, such as styling, make-up and hairdressing, art direction, production and post-production, etc.

Summer Course in Fashion Photography


– To understand the artistic aspects of fashion photography
– To know how to apply photographic technical know-how.
– To get to know the outstanding photographers in the fashion world.
– To understand the profession of fashion photographer
– To study the trends in fashion photography
– To direct fashion shootings
– To develop concepts to work in teams
– To understand the basic ideas behind styling, make-up and hairdressing for shootings
– To take control of the various stages of production
– To acquire a knowledge of post-production and retouching


The course is intended for all those who are interested in photography and the world of fashion who want to develop the creative aspects of image taking, not only to be able to handle photo sessions but also to be able to direct and work with the vocabularies and concepts behind this sector.

It is indispensable to know the basics of photography, image processing programs (Photoshop) and have a digital reflex camera.

Student Profile

Students and professionals in architecture, design, interior decoration, communications, retail, branding and visual merchandising company managers and others who want to specialise in fashion photography in order to cope effectively with an increasingly competitive, changing field.

The students must have a knowledge of design at the professional or academic level, and how image processing programs operate.



A well-known fashion photographer and regular contributor to a variety of national publications. After graduating in psychology from UB, he studied photography. His work is focused on fashion and portrait photography. He contributes to magazines such as Woman, Vanidad, Vein, El Magazine de El Mundo, El Magazine de la Vanguardia, Metal, etc. He also produces fashion catalogues and advertising photographs for brands like Diesel, Gas, Yerse, Ja Iu Mes and Louis Vuitton.

On the artistic side, he has taken part in exhibitions such as Estoril FashionArt 2010 and Les Recontres d’Arles 2008, in the Discovery Award category selected by Luis Venegas, and at galleries such as El Canal de Isabel II and Tecla Sala. (

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