Summer Course in Fashion Design (English) - Junior

Edition: 2nd

Language: English

Duration: 2 weeks

Start Date: July 16th 2018

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Credits: 5*

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España


The world of fashion is a growing industry, which offers a vast array of possibilities for professionals with different profiles. Therefore, it is not only an interesting and attractive field but also an actual opportunity to find employment. Many young people know which career they wish to follow but others are still weighing the different options. 

The Junior Summer Course in Fashion Design is geared towards young students who have a very clear intention of becoming Fashion designers (this course will provide them with more specific knowledge about the different steps in the design process), as well as youngsters who have still not decided which professional path they are going to follow and are keen to gain some experience in the world of design.


The course is intended to boost motivation, confidence and self-knowledge, so that the students incorporate the experiences they learn into their own academic path and personal life, and they gain a better understanding of the way fashion designers think and work.

The syllabus is conceived to build up a space where each one of them can create bonds and share their distinctive features. The course provides the technical knowledge needed so that the students can each develop their own fashion-related ideas.

The fashion design process is laid out so that they can understand how important observation, research, concept association, logic and communication are for developing a concept. This development allows the research, experimentation, modelling and different representational techniques to be put into practice. A sketchbook will be created to document the entire creative process and from this material a portfolio will be built up.


The course is designed as an immersion in the world of fashion design.

It is a very practical course in which each student does different exercises to understand the characteristics and tools needed by a designer to create a collection. The exercises require not only the time dedicated to them in class but also for the students to work on research and design development in order to complete their projects.

Skills Developed

– Learning mechanisms for observation and analysis.

– Developing fashion-related techniques of investigation and experimentation.

– Obtaining resources for turning ideas into a physical reality

– Being immersed in a fashion design project.

– Learning to organize ideas and communicate them more effectively.

– Learning to express oneself using different techniques.

Student Profile

Young students between 15 and 17 years old who are keen to get started in the world of fashion and find out if this is the academic field in which they want to build a career.

Young students with artistic or creative skills related to the fashion industry who are looking to learn first-hand about the sector’s professional reality guided by professional lecturers, and to enhance and foster their skills and compare them with their peers’.



After completing his studies at the Fashion Institute in Barcelona, in 1995 Mr. Pérez finished his training in design and industrial pattern-making at the American Mitchell Designing School in Barcelona. In 1997, he and a partner created “llamazares y de delgado”, and since then they have produced two collections of men’s and women’s clothing a year.

In 2006 he joined the IED as a lecturer and teaches men’s pattern-making classes for the Fashion Design courses. Since 2011 he has been teaching on the Men’s Collection course, in 2012 he was on the Men’s Collection project and he is now the coordinator of the IED BA in Fashion Design.

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