Graphic Design, pathway in Advertising



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Graphic Design, pathway in Advertising

Edition: 1st

Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Start Date: September 2022

Credits: 240 ECTS

Biada 11; 08012 Barcelona, España

Price: From €14,100 per year.
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The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, pathway in Advertising is equivalent to a University degree (240 ECTS). Taught in English. 

 This program trains graphic designers with a creative advertising mindset. As well as carrying out design projects, they will learn to conduct visual communication campaigns enhanced by conceptualisation, brand strategy and art direction.

Graphic Design has taken on a new dimension that ventures beyond its traditional boundaries into a market where designers are expected to build creative communication concepts and strategies into their projects. Succeeding in the world of creativity in this day and age requires an eye-catching portfolio that appeals both to design studios and advertising or branding agencies. Knowing this, a graphic designer has to be capable of conceiving and developing surprising and unique ideas. 

This Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design encourages students to develop a variety of projects with real clients for the first three years and to carry out a Final Course Project with a specific client linked directly to the world of advertising and creativity.



Year One

– Grasping the basic concepts of design, project culture and methodology.

– Encouraging students to try, create and communicate.

Year Two

– Studying the technological and project tools needed to communicate a visual message simply and effectively by developing their individual creativity and interdisciplinary methodology processes.

– Learning to command software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, etc. and how to apply creativity in corporate communication.

Year Three

– Applying all their previous learning to create real projects.

– Encouraging creativity and artistic direction.

– Understanding the professional context and its full complexity.

– Creating a professional portfolio in preparation for the working world.

Year Four

– Completing a mandatory internship.

– Developing projects that tie in all of the knowledge gained throughout the course.

– Carrying out a Final Course Project with a real company.


The chosen methodology is known as learning by doing and promotes interdisciplinarity among various fields including design, fashion, and management and design strategies by organising joint workshops and projects.

The syllabus sets a series of learning goals for the student, which become more demanding as the course progresses and end with a Final Course Project for a real client.

Job Opportunities

– Graphic designer

– Visual communicator

– Creative director

– Art director

– Branding specialist

– Corporate, publishing or packaging image expert

– Content developer

– Copywriter

– Brand consultant, digital advertising strategist, interactive brand manager, brand manager

– Social media strategist

Former IED VISUAL COMMUNICATION students are now working for:

Ogilvy, Shackleton, Everis, Tomorro’, Somos, Comuniza, McCann Worldwide, Operation Unicorn, Lo Siento, Pixel Research, Mass Digital, Folch, Duprée, Common Sense, relajaelcoco, Steer Davies Gleave, Stop Stealing My Look, Bestiario, Inoxcrom, etc.


Collaborating companies: Alba Synchrotron, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Brands&Roses (Yorokobu), CCCB, CERN, ESADE, Essentialist, Everis, Fundació Pasqual Maragall, Gin NUT, La Fábrica-Madrid, Ling, Mercats de Barcelona, Oxfam-Intermón, Red Bull, UPC, Sónar.

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