Research Study Program

The Research Study Program Masters (RSP), highly qualified, addressed to both national and foreign professionals and graduates. These courses are prepared for those who need to reflect and grow professionally as well as seeking for new inputs and opportunities.

The aim of those full time courses is to give critical, analytic and methodological skills and, at the same time, the required knowledge to carry out an innovation management focused on the user, that contributes to define sustainable enterprises in the current competitive scene.

. Fulltime dedication

Design Management

Master in Design Management

- Barcelona - 11 months

Day after day the business world is becoming more complex to manage with lower and lower margin for errors. In this context the value of a discipline resides in its ability to facilitate better-informed decisions. This highly competitive environment requires… More Info


Master in Fashion Management

- Barcelona - 11 months

Fashion is part of our society. The act of “getting dressed” is part of our culture, covering functional needs of human beings and, more important, satisfying the necessity of communication. People from ancient times had always covered the body, both… More Info


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