Continuing Study Program – Advanced
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Continuing Study Program - Advanced

Advanced programs offer a high level of technical preparation in contents or specific practices of latest trend, which can be immediately integrated into professional performance, and serve to "recycle" or adapt to changes in the environment.

Aimed to professionals with experience and students who come from the same area of development areas.

Project of a book that represents the wood of the CSP in Brand Storytelling made with adobe.

CSP in Brand Storytelling

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Brand Storytelling is intended for those wishing to become communicators with the skill to produce different and complementary narratives from a strategic and creative point of view and strengthen the connection between brands and… More Info

Student of the CSP in Color and Trim making a chromatic scheme with textures

CSP in Color & Trim

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Color & Trim provides concentrated knowledge in these two fields with a variety of formats, materials, concepts and objectives. As well as its aesthetic properties, colour influences our perception and our behaviour. Many design… More Info

Students of the CSP in Fashion Communication doing the final project

CSP in Fashion Communication

- Barcelona - 3 months

The CSP (Continuing Study Program) in Fashion Communication teaches students to study, analyse and communicate a fashion brand and its products creatively and effectively. As the fashion sector becomes more complex, it is calling for professionals with the ability to… More Info


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