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  • Project: Eventfixer
    DesignHabaluc is the first entertainment and culture magazine offering experiences to… More Info +
  • false
    Project: Lamborghini ETHEREAL
    DesignETHEREAL is a vehicle made up of two parts: an… More Info +
    DesignStudents on the Master’s in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces… More Info +
  • false
    Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea
    ManagementNavia is a public transport system that is envisaged as… More Info +
  • Project: Stein
    DesignStein is a project developed for the industrial design company… More Info +
  • false
    Project: The Viceversa Project
    VisualThis student’s project consists of designing a participatory storytelling that… More Info +

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