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Project: Seat Mergo


IED Barcelona, Istituto Europeo di Design, is registered in the Centres Record and authorized to teach the following specialties of upper design studies: 

– Product Design
– Fashion Design
– Interior Design
– Graphic Design

Here you can consult the certificate of Departament d’Ensenyament: 
– Carta Departament D’ Ensenyament – SPANISH
– Carta Departament D’ Ensenyament – CATALAN
– Carta Departament D’ Ensenyament – ENGLISH

Resolution of the Barcelona’s Education Consortium, that authorizes the opening of private education center:
– Resolución Generalitat

The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya) hereby attests that a POSITIVE evaluation has been made of the design of the internal quality assurance system of the “Centra autoritzat d’ensenyaments artístics superiors de disseny IED Barcelona”applicable to higher awards in the Performing Arts and Visual Arts, within the framework of the AUDITEAS programme and in accordance with the programme guidelines. More information here:
Certificate IED Barcelona – SPANISH
– Certificate IED Barcelona – ENGLISH

Here you can find the Quality System of the IED.

– Strategic Quality Plan IED Barcelona 2018-2019
– Studies Dossier

Accreditation is the establishment, by way of a site visit, that the study programme is being delivered as planned according to validation (the ex ante accreditation stage).  All recognised degree courses must undergo accreditation within six years of validation (or within six years of a previous accreditation), in the case of Bachelor’s and doctoral/PhD degrees, and four years in the case of Master’s degrees. Site visits for degree course programmes that are to undergo the accreditation process are planned jointly by the universities and AQU Catalunya on an annual basis. The administrative process of accreditation starts with the university applying for the accreditation of a degree, which it does by way of the extranet used by public sector organisations in Catalonia.
On the basis of the site-visit report on the institution where the degree course programme that is to undergo accreditation is delivered, the subject-specific review committee (which deals with a specific field of study, i.e. Arts and Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, or doctoral degrees as a whole) issues the programme accreditation report, the conclusion of which will be either favourable or unfavourable, on the basis of four levels: accreditation with excellence, accreditation, accreditation with conditions (prescriptions) and accreditation withheld.
The programme accreditation report is then officially referred to the corresponding national and autonomous authorities in order for the administrative process of programme accreditation to continue.
The accreditation process consists of two stages: the site visit and accreditation:
The site visit: is on-site verification of the running and delivery of a degree programme, the findings of which are compiled in the site-visit team’s report. The site visit serves to collect evidence for accreditation, which is an administrative process, the outcome of which is either favourable or unfavourable.Site visits are planned jointly by AQU Catalunya and the universities on an annual basis. Each site visit to the institution is made at faculty or school-level and includes all of the degree course programmes that are to undergo the accreditation process. The site visit to the institution is carried out by an external review team, or panel, which ias appointed by AQU Catalunya’s Institutional and Programme Review Commission (CAIP). Generally speaking, the panel consists of a chairperson, one academic, one student, one professional and a secretary.On completion of the site visit process, the external review panel issues the external review report, or visit outcome report. This report sets out both good practices and enhancement proposals that have been identified, the aim being continuous quality enhancement in the institution. 
Accreditation: is the issuance by the subject-specific committee of the assessment report on the running and delivery of the degree programme, which is based on all evidence available to AQU Catalunya, in particular the site-visit report.

AQU’s External Accreditation Report (in Spanish)

AQU’s Final Accreditation Report (in Spanish)


External regulations:

RESOLUCIÓ del Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, sobre autorització d’obertura d’un centre.

RESOLUCIÓ per la qual es modifica l’autorització d’obertura del centre educatiu privat Escola Superior de Disseny IED, de Barcelona.

RESOLUCIÓ ENS/2378/2011, de 6 d’octubre, per la qual s’aprova amb caràcter transitori el primer curs del pla d’estudis dels ensenyaments artístics superiors de grau de disseny del centre privat autoritzat Escola Superior de Disseny IED.

RESOLUCIÓ ENS/1555/2014, de 23 de juny, per la qual s’aprova el pla d’estudis dels ensenyaments artístics conduents al títol superior de disseny de l’Escola Superior de Disseny IED.

RESOLUCIÓ ENS/62/2016, de 15 de gener, de l’acreditació de llengua estrangera per a l’expedició de determinats títols dels ensenyaments artístics superiors.