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  • Project: We are particles
    In response to the challenge posed by ALBA Synchrotron to… More Info +
  • Project: Superpowers
    Superpowers is the answer to the challenge posed by ALBA… More Info +
  • Losers!
    Losers! is a magazine that celebrates happiness and passion by… More Info +
  • Project: Discordia
    Discordia is an idea for a magazine that was created… More Info +
  • false
    Project: Public Menu
    Public Menu is a magazine that explores the relationship between… More Info +
  • false
    Project: Feat
    FEAT, which refers to the concept of collaboration, is the… More Info +
  • Project: The Rosie
    Feminism, a love for drawing, humour and strength are the… More Info +
  • Project: Creo
    Creo is a shared workspace that was designed to provide… More Info +
  • false
    Project: Bonet
    Bonet is a homage to the Catalan architect Antonio Bonet.… More Info +
  • false
    Project: The Red Line
    “The Red Line” is a project that proposes a new… More Info +
  • Project: Síntesi
    “Síntesi” is the name given by Kateryna Lazareva to the… More Info +
  • false
    Project: The Viceversa Project
    This student’s project consists of designing a participatory storytelling that… More Info +
  • PROJECT: Beyond. The Four Dimensions of Denim
    ‘Beyond. The Four Dimensions of Denim’ is a publishing project… More Info +
  • Project: Volta EV-1
    Volta motorbikes is a young electric bike company committed to… More Info +
  • false
    Project: La Violeta
    Result from collaboration between IED Barcelona and Districte de Gràcia, the… More Info +

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