Master in Men’s Fashion Design
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  • Collection: 1933
    1933 is a collection in which the designer drew her… More Info +
  • Collection: Freedom of Panorama
    Interpreting the shapes in contemporary sculptures of the body is… More Info +
  • Collection: ACT 1
    ACT 1  is a women’s collection that reflects on the… More Info +
  • Collection: Grossmutter
    Grossmutter is a tribute that the designer wishes to pay… More Info +
  • Collection: Couture Maladroite
    Couture Maladroite is a collection for men and women inspired… More Info +
  • Collection: Paint Myself
    Paint Myself is a women’s collection of six outfits based… More Info +
  • Collection: En Plein Air
    The collection is inspired by some of the characteristics of… More Info +
  • Collection: 8 & Cherries
    A night in Las Vegas seen through the eyes of… More Info +
  • Collection: Poal
    The breeze, the North Wind, strong and cold, Cap de… More Info +
  • Collection: Man o To
    Ines Monjo from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design was… More Info +
  • Collection: Interlude
    The landscapes and hues of Cerdanya have inspired Interlude, a… More Info +
  • Collection: Psycho Nhomad
    Psycho Nhomad introduces an aesthetic language that criticizes our society… More Info +
  • Collection: Devil’s Dance
    Devil’s Dance was inspired by the Amish rumspringa concept, a… More Info +
  • Collection: Raza
    RAZA was inspired by the memories of the designer’s grandfather,… More Info +
  • Collection: La línea de la vida
    According to the designer Anna Giramé, “it is a line,… More Info +
  • false
    Collection: Serial Seeds
    “Serial Seeds” is inspired by the ambience of industrial courtyards,… More Info +
  • false
    Colección: LastFuture
     Bárbara Secco invites us to reflect on the past… More Info +
  • Collection: Blooming from the ashes
    “Blooming from the ashes” is inspired by a Japanese proverb… More Info +
  • Collection: Reminder
      “Reminder” tells a story about falling in – or… More Info +
  • Collection: MELANCOLÍA
    The Melancolía collection is inspired by Brazil and the cultural… More Info +
    Collection: COLOUR ME IN
    “COLOUR ME IN” is inspired by the aesthetics of prison… More Info +
  • Collection: FARKITECTURE
    The Farkitecture collection is born from a fusion between fashion… More Info +
  • Collection: OK. DEKO
    OK. DEKO takes its inspiration from the most traditional culture… More Info +
  • Colección: DINO
    “Dino” is a collection inspired by old dinosaur movies like Harry… More Info +
  • Colección: DEMO
    The “Demoscene” underground culture appeared in the late 90s and… More Info +
  • Proyecto: Colección URBAN TREATS
    “Urban Treats” is a summer collection for young women who… More Info +
  • Colección: HEALING
     “Healing” is a collection created to transmit light and evolution,… More Info +
  • Proyecto: Colección The Collector
    All the feelings and sensations coming from the perception that… More Info +
  • Project: Argat Collection
     All of those feelings and sensations that develop as a… More Info +

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