Iván Córdoba Pérez
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Iván Córdoba Pérez

Ivan is an awarded visual artist and filmmaker living in New York City. Some of his works have been featured at international festivals and art centers, and published in art books and specialized digital media. He has collaborated with celebrities and artists such as Pat Loud, Fernando Botero and Christopher Makos. He’s worked for top global brands like Mercedes-Benz, Converse and L’Oréal Paris. His clients are mostly agencies, production companies, publishing and online content companies.

Ivan’s experience incorporates a strong background in graphic design and a wide knowledge of the digital media environment. His current work as a filmmaker embraces both narrative and commercial fields, and is noted for its vigorous storytelling, a subtle visual style with a remarkable photographic quality and a special attention to editing.

Ivan’s specialties include directing documentary features, short narrative films and documentary-style commercials for brands.


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