Project: Living with Fire – BeResourceful

Students developed a marketing plan for the Woman Classic line of Reebok, the sports brand, aiming to change its current positioning by attracting new segments. After researching and analyzing the campaign used by Reebok Classic at that time, “Live with Fire”, they presented a plan linked to a feminine lifestyle: “Living with Fire – BeResourceful”. They propose to feminize the brand and “make it casual”, create a lifestyle and change the technological perception.

The plan is composed of several actions, such as creating audio-visual content based on the Sport Chic trend, develop actions at POS, as it is the place to provide information on new casual sports shoes collections, and reinvent the line EasyTone to make it urban and trendy. They also suggest to create an app and a blog named “Living with Fire”, aimed to the line’s target. 

Client: Reebok

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