Project: The Pattern Experience

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Project: Seat Mergo

Project: The Pattern Experience

Alumno/a: Filipa Marques

GIRA by Smartclick is a top-of-the-line electronics industry manufacturer that offers technologies for the future. The German firm asked the students to design workspaces in different environments such as hospitals, hotels and offices, in which technology would provide greater comfort, safety and profitability.

“The Pattern Experience” consists of an open-air system based on various interactive rotatory units in which shapes, movement and shadows create new levels of interaction and influence the users’ state of mind.

The project incorporates the users’ activities and the design of the space into one single system. Inspired by sacred geometry and its influence on the individual’s spiritual state, this student has created a sensory phenomenon that invites meditation and contemplation due to the movement of the structures.

The incorporation of intelligent technology into open-air spaces is a powerful tool for promoting personal and collective growth.