Project: Seat Mergo

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Project: Seat Mergo

Alumno/a: Christoph Sokol

SEAT proposed the challenge to design new transportation services for a new urban environment in 2035.  The student has presented “Seat Mergo”, a solution for today’s major individual mobility issues, as defined by a constantly growing population, pollution and new forms of collective behaviour linked with the use of technologies.

He has therefore designed an individual vehicle that operates depending on each user’s needs. Wi-Fi areas around the city are used to compile Big Data that analyse the demand so that the vehicle can take the users to where they want to go. This is a vehicle for shared use that offers a new concept of individual mobility for the cities of the future. The interior contains an integrated system that permits its service to be customised and establishes a direct emotional connection with the user.

The project respects future manufacturing trends and the propulsion system pays special attention to sustainability and environmental issues.