Proyecto: Colección URBAN TREATS

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Proyecto: Colección URBAN TREATS

Alumno/a: Kasia Niewiarowska

“Urban Treats” is a summer collection for young women who are not afraid to show off walking down the street. Its inspiration references the modern city, urban plots and architectural forms, which host a wide variety of color within an unpredictable and busy lifestyle. However, all of them are connected by a single rhythm, the rhythm of the city.

Garments pay tribute to the huge variety of cosmopolitan styles, finding multiple references to different cultures and subcultures: turbans, hats, scarves, parkas, jackets and even burkas. They offer a variety using simplified architectural shapes, proportions, lines, and cuts that are carefully planned.

“Urban Treats” is a collection that focuses on comfortable clothing that is oversized and very colorful. It is also sporty and offers breathable materials mixed with pleated organza to transmit the elegance of the urban scene.

This project takes part of Designers of the World 2014 fashion show and was a finalist in ModaFad 2014.