Proyecto: Advanced

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Proyecto: Advanced

Alumno/a: Camilo Solorzano Gabriela Dubelj Juliana Castlebondo

Helix Motor International requested them to realize a redesign of its electric vehicle to preserve the brand objectives: reduction of the environmental impact and city traffic optimization. Project had to be a statement of efficiency, security and comfort, easy to manoeuvre, innovative and technological. Also they should focus on the user seduce and convert the vehicle into an object of desire.

The design of students take inspiration from organic forms and clean lines.  One of its main features is a solar roof that provides the user with a feeling of openness and comfort. Revolves around connections, since it is based in the sensitivity to connect with the materials of its interior design: technogel and nanai. Another characteristic feature is the use of laser lighting, which broadens the field of vision and provides more clarity at night, in addition to highlighting the Helix logo and indicate if the car is ignited or not. 

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