PROJECT: PERSONA, GO ALIVE! An approach to foster collective creativity processes

Curso: Master in Design Management
Area: Management

PERSONA, GO ALIVE! is a Design Strategy Innovation project which provides a new service to INDEED, a company that specializes in design, engineering and innovation. The project is based on an innovative workshop technique which combines acting as a strategic tool with design management in order to generate empathetic understanding among participants.

The idea of the project is to recruit actors to perform as users playing a specific role during the workshops so as to facilitate the design process focusing on the user. This business approach allows companies to find innovative solutions in the working groups by means of collective creativity, using divergent thinking as a core element.

To develop the project, the student conducted a research stage during which he held in-depth interviews and several snap polls with experts in collective creativity. Later on, he focused on analyzing several methods that workshop participants used in order to promote creativity and empathy, which enabled him to draw definitive conclusions.


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