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Collection: Serial Seeds


Alumno/a: Mirna Sabbah Egle Jonykaite

Students on the Master’s in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces have designed a project called LEDGE, a restaurant inspired by the highest mountains in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

The aim is to create a space in which users can feel as if they were in the mountains. To develop this concept, students have considered four elements: architecture, textures, lights and vision.

The building is made up of different levels. The main element is the ramp, which is designed as a simplification of the shape of the mountains. The kitchen is in the middle and on the top there is a terrace where there are seats to take in the view and socialise. The materials used are natural and versatile and make for a minimalist setting.

The restaurant’s lighting changes gradually, starting with a very warm light that gradually becomes colder nearer the top, imitating the effect of natural light. The same applies to the appearance of the restaurant, which also varies as you ascend according to the altitude of the mountains.