Best Management for Creative Industries IED Thesis Award.

Fresh Faces Unique Edition is a project developed for, an on-line platform for models and fashion industry professionals that aims to be the leading community in the sector. The project presents the event Fresh Faces, an annual contest for models from all over the world that takes place in Barcelona. 

The project is based on an analysis of the overall trends for the sector, which reveal an increasing interest in models with features that differ from the standard, who are older, heavier or disabled, and focuses on the current preference for different, unique people.

The students propose a number of options: firstly, organising an on-line and off-line contest in parallel with the event, addressed to models with these different traits; secondly, live content management by users of the web site under the hashtag #ShowYourDifference; and finally, a specific, detailed sponsorship plan addressed to the brands that are interested in the event. 


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