Project: Fit

Colección: DINO | Fashion

Colección: DINO

Project: Fit

Alumno/a: Alessandro Menunza Josep Pujol Mur

Fit is a project researching new future mobility concepts for the Bertone company. It is inspired on the technologies used by the sports brand “Nike” to build their shoes, using materials that get adapted to the user’s needs. Fit is a car that adjusts itself the number of passangers in it, modifying its size in three modes: “Zero” (no passanger), “One” (one person) and “Three” (three people).

Bertone @en

Founded in 1912, Bertoneis one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian firms in the car sector and has accompanied its technological and stylistic evolution through its first hundred years. Over the years, the world’s most important manufacturers have commissioned Bertone to create vehicles on the leading edge of styling, technology and performance.

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