Project: Argat Collection

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Project: Argat Collection

Alumno/a: Andra Simona Handaric

 All of those feelings and sensations that develop as a child and form in the mind as one whole imaginary package come together as: “The Collector”. The explorer spends most of his time hunting for insects and old artifacts, is curious about his surroundings and prefers to spend most of his time in nature because he has a great desire to understand the world in detail.

The idea of this collection is to explore how gullible the mind can be. From the second we are born, our environment affects the way our personalities are defined. The visual inspiration of this collection came from old objects and toys redefined through the shape, color, and material, taking on a new meaning in relation to the modern world.

The fabrics, materials and techniques of the collection are taken to another level but maintain the sensation of another era. “The Collector” uses soft, bright and contrasting colors and designs with rounded elements and exaggerated layers that reflect this childish feeling.

This project is part of Contrast Collection 2013  and was ModaFad 2013 finalist.

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