Project: Brotherhood Desigual

Desigual clothing company proposed students to create a communication, price and brading strategy to launch brand’s man shoe line. Through market research and a deep analysis of Desigual’s current situation, students noticed that the revenue stream coming from their man line is weaker that the income from woman’s. For this, they decided to pose a strategy to transmit the ideals of Deisgual men and also to introduce a highly competitive shoe line in the market.

Their proposal is to create “Brotherhood Desigual”, composed by men from different ages and characteristics, which lets different male consumers to feel identified with it. This idea starts from the need of belonging a community, in terms of fashion, that shares the same values. A strategy that expects to obtain a change, not only implementing a new product category to increase sales in man line globally, but also giving Desigual a coherent approach to the unisex image of the brand and global success in long term.

Client: Desigual

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