Project: Påsprång

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Project: Påsprång

Alumno/a: Alessandra Colella Sanna Völker

Pårsprång is a project that investigates new concepts of mobility in the future for the company Bertone. It is an electric single urban vehicle for a young, restless and nomad user of 2025.

The vehicle works with a graphene battery located in the seat that allows it to be transported in the form of a backpack to be loaded as a mobile device. Påsprång can be driven automatically or manually through sensors placed on the sides of the handlebar. The handlebar screen is used to program the route and can also provide information about the environment during the trip.

The proposal offers a co-branding with a furniture company which is chosen as the point of sale and offers a special sustainable service. The user has the possibility to return the vehicle when the he/se no longer needs it. After renewing the product, the company puts it back on sale for a new user.


Bertone @en

Founded in 1912, Bertoneis one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian firms in the car sector and has accompanied its technological and stylistic evolution through its first hundred years. Over the years, the world’s most important manufacturers have commissioned Bertone to create vehicles on the leading edge of styling, technology and performance.