Collection: Man o To

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Collection: Man o To

Alumno/a: Inés Monjo

Ines Monjo from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design was inspired by an eating disorder she suffered, producing six styles that represent the different moods she experienced, as well as the mind-body relationship she lived until she found stability, masterfully playing with color, texture, and volume.

The underlying theme throughout the collection are flowers and their bright colors, drawing a link between them and various stages. The collection takes us from a withered flower from want of water (anorexia) to an over-watered flower (bulimia), ending with a burst of color and light when she overcame the condition.

She has also succeeded in conveying the link between the mind and body over the years using contrasting volumes. With all this, Ines has created everything from fitted items that seem like a second skin to very oversized silhouettes, though always featuring feminine lines.

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