Project: La Violeta

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


Project: La Violeta

Alumno/a: Arnar Ingi Francisco García Hernández María Paula Muñoz

Result from collaboration between IED Barcelona and Districte de Gràcia, the municipal services proposed to elaborate a communication project for La Violeta, a historical building in the neighborhood dedicates to entities of Catalan popular culture and elders residing in the district. 

The winning communication project for La Violeta stands out because it integrates perfectly the values of tradition, traditional culture and modernity, three aspects that define the equipment’s functions. Students have made the new image which has been praised for its elegance, a combination of history and contemporary, and versatility for its different publics and functions. The project includes the design of banderoles, advertising, services brochures, a history booklet, signals for facilities’ interiors and a web site. All elements make people who maintain and defend Catalan culture a priority, using pictures of “Les Colles de la Cultura de Gràcia” and videos of representative characters. They also developed an integral communication plan to make La Violeta known, both for its opening and also after taking into consideration the relevance of the emblematic squares in the neighborhood and their people influx.

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