Project: Hospitals of the future

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Project: Hospitals of the future

Alumno/a: Esthela Amaya

GIRA by Smartclick is a top-of-the-line electronics industry manufacturer that offers technologies for the future. The German firm asked the students to design workspaces in different environments such as hospitals, hotels and offices, in which technology would provide greater comfort, safety and profitability.

Esthela Amaya suggested a new concept for hospitals and healthcare clinics. Her proposal studies the importance of the surroundings of the clinic and the effect that these have on the therapeutic process.

The state of mind in which patients attend appointments is an essential part of their therapy and often these spaces are directly linked with their pain and illnesses.

The project “Hospitals of the future” affirms that the main trend in hospitals will be to turn them into more human environments using technology. It alters the ceilings of waiting rooms and installs different textures and geometrical shapes that provide an interplay of light and shade to bring warmth, optimism and peace of mind to the patients.