Project: Eventfixer

Habaluc is the first entertainment and culture magazine offering experiences to the public according to their preferences and interests. The enterprise proposed students to develop its business model, brand building and internationalisation plan.

The project proposes a service with Habaluc’s web page named Eventfixer, which offers the possibility to create a customized event according to users’ preferences. The concept is to perform a shopping mall inside the web itself where users can find anything they may need to organize an event. The proposal comes from the detection of a market niche in need of a service combining the main characteristics of both social networks and search engines. The service also offers customized suggestions, given that members will receive personalized advices and suggestions from the different events in town according to their interests. Eventfixer is a real business which reports benefits to the enterprise, because it increases the platform’s value, therefore increasing the number of members, as well as creating an additional revenue stream. It also includes a business plan which contains collaborations with other enterprises to be of benefit both for users and enterprises themselves.

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