Project: Gemstories

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Project: Gemstories

Alumno/a: Natalia Barinova
Area: Design

Gemstories is an item of jewellery inspired by the iconic architecture of the Eixample quarter in Barcelona. The production process began with a 3D print-out of the piece. A mould was then made based on the model and they applied the casting (melting) technique to produce the final pieces in silver. This is a fine example of the blend between technology and craftsmanship. The pendant is inspired by the stories and emotions that emerge when traveling to explore other cities or countries. Gemstories intends to reinvent the souvenir concept. Souvenirs are usually impersonal, so the idea was to create a jewellery collection that builds a more intimate connection with the experience to be remembered.