Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta


Alumno/a: Mariano Suñé

The project consists of the design of a vehicle to compete in the Formula Student Spain, an annual championship for engineering students from around the world, whose objective is to develop, build and race an electric car. The project was carried out in partnership with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Escola Universitària d´Enginyeria Tècnica Industrial de Barcelona (EUETIB), which was responsible for the automotive engineering.

The IED Barcelona student developed the interior and exterior design of the vehicle, as well as cooperating on the corporate identity, clothing and pit stop design. The design process is notable for the use of the latest generation software to produce real time simulations, increase the aerodynamic coefficients and improve the car’s performance on the track. The project has not only given the car its own character and style, it has also improved and contributed to its aerodynamics. The result is a vehicle with organic shapes whose highly characteristic lines replicate and follow the airflow over its surfaces.

This project is the winner of the Best Design IED Thesis Award.

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