Collection: Visit España

Collection: Paint Myself | Fashion

Collection: Paint Myself

Collection: Visit España

Alumno/a: Laura Chafer
Area: Fashion

‘Visit España’ is a journey through the decade of the 60’s and the tourist boom that the country experienced, and the consequences that this international opening up of the country had on Spanish society. The collection expresses the beginning of this blossoming by drawing on a variety of visual references: yé-yé music, the films of Alfredo Landa, the bikini, and the evolution of graphic design, among others. 

The result is a proposal for an autumn/winter collection with vibrant tones, fitted silhouettes, and geometric prints, as well as the combination of traditional fabrics encompassing reinterpreted colours and forms with other, more technical ones. The collection fearlessly takes on the contrast between the past and modernity through tight-knit dresses, leather bras, neoprene jumpsuits, trench coats and floral-print coats. 

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